Our History

Established in 2011, Same Sun of Vermont is an elite solar designer and installer. Wholly owned by Marlene and Philip Allen, the couple began the business as overgrown consumers. Having gone solar themselves and worked on an energy committee to solarize their children’s school, they became passionate about solar power. 

For the Allens, solar power was a silver bullet. Solar would allow them to open up storefronts in towns desperately in need of new opportunities. Solar assured local good-paying jobs as we cannot outsource local rooftops and grounds. And, as part of a mission, solar could protect American manufacturing by using Made-in-USA products wherever possible.

Our Mission & Philosophy

Same Sun of Vermont has four important goals:

  1. That we will make Vermont a leader in the production of clean solar power.
  2. That our focus will be the empowerment of home and business owners through the creation of their own energy.
  3. That solar power means Jobs for Vermont. Solar power cannot be outsourced. 
  4. That solar power means Jobs for America. Same Sun of Vermont supports American manufacturing of solar modules, and uses Made-in-USA products wherever possible.

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                           Original storefront, at 24 Center Street.

                           Original storefront, at 24 Center Street.