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Why Solar?

  • Solar power is the cleanest form of energy known.
  • Solar panels have no moving parts, no repair, no maintenance.
  • Unlike conventional energy sources, which are location-specific, i.e. coal must be mined where it exists, the sun shines everywhere.  Harnessing its power will create jobs right here in Vermont.
  • The solar panels that Same Sun of Vermont uses are guaranteed to be at 80% or more effective after 25 years of use.
  • Every kWh generated by your solar array offsets 1 pound of carbon pollution per year.  An average residential system will offset more than 100 TONS of carbon in its 30-year life; this is equivalent to planting more than 12 acres of trees.  
  • Per Vermont Statute, your utility company must pay a premium for solar production, equal to the state average residential rate per kilowatt hour (kWh), plus in most cases, a $0.04 per kWh adder.  
  • Ten years of your current electric bill will get you thirty years of clean solar power.


Facts About Solar

  • The earth receives about 1,366 watts of direct solar radiation per square meter proving that there is enough solar energy to power the earth’s usage each day. 
  • In one hour more sunlight falls on the earth than what is used by the entire population in one year.
  • The United States is responsible for almost 25% of the world's total energy consumption. We use one million gallons of oil every two minutes.
  • Germany, the world's greatest solar producer, receives less light per day than Vermont.
  • Top ten countries using solar as of 2010 (in megawatts):

Germany – 9,785 MW

Spain – 3,386 MW

Japan – 2,633 MW

United States – 1,650 MW)

Italy – 1,167 MW

Czech Republic – 465 MW

Belgium – 363 MW

China – 305 MW

France – 272 MW

India – 120 MW

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